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Creative Tips for Putting Your Wall Scroll on Display


At Custom Wall Scrolls, we can customize posters and walls scrolls with your favorite and most cherished photos. 

They provide a great and affordable way for you to display your photos in your office or home, but what do you do after you have had your wall scroll made? We are hoping that you don’t rush home and just slap it on any wall. While you want your photos to speak for themselves, sometimes they’re just not enough to fill that huge vacant wall in your home. In fact, that vacancy can actually take away from your wall scroll. When hanging images in your home, it is important think about the complete design. We have a few creative tips for hanging your custom wall scroll.

  • Dramatic Backdrop- Sometimes all you need to fill a vacant space is some color. If you are looking for a great way to make your wall scroll stand out, try painting your wall a bold color that also complements your photo. The right colored backdrop can make all the difference.
  • Add 3D Pieces- Vacant space on your wall can detract from your wall scroll. You can enhance the design and appeal of your display by adding a three-dimensional piece. This will help fill that empty space and actually add some style to your wall scroll display.
  • Mixed Media- Try enhancing your wall scroll display by adding some other prints to your wall, but of different styles. You can add some smaller canvas prints or even some smaller framed photos. This will help bring some variety to your display without taking away from your wall scroll.

There are so many different ways to display your customized wall scroll. Have some fun and experiment with different displays and styles. We know you will love your new custom wall scroll.  

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