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Custom Wall Scrolls are Perfect for Bands


If you play in a band then you know how important self promotion is. Getting your name out there is the biggest hurdle to growing your fan base, selling more albums, and getting bigger and better shows! How often have you seen a great band but immediately forgot their name? Most bands starting out can benefit from increased name visibility. A strong visual complement to your music is the key to making that next leap up. Think of your favorite band. Chances are that their logo is the first thing that popped into your head. From The Beatles to Nirvana, Eminem to Metallica, and every other major act  you can think of, visuals play a big part in their overall brand. 

Custom Wall Scrolls are the perfect on stage promotion item. If you set one up on each side of the stage you are sure to have your band's name stuck in everyone's head. Our large scroll is 32" wide by 48" high, perfect for setting up in front of guitar or bass amps. Having your name and logo staring back at the audience for your entire set is the perfect way to ensure a memorable experience. You can order any scroll in landscape or portrait orientation. Our extra large scroll in landscape would make the perfect banner to place behind your drummer! Showcasing your name and logo in as many different places around the stage is great marketing. 

Creating a professional stage image has never been easier! Shop today with confidence, because every order is backed by a 100% guarantee! 

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