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Explore Our New Kill la Kill Collection


At Custom Wall Scrolls, we carry a multitude of vibrant and unique anime wall scrolls. From the Valiant Universe to the 

Skullgirls collections, we have all the fun wall scrolls every gamer and comic book lover wants and we have added even more to our selection. We have recently added a wall scroll collection devoted to the hit anime series Kill la Kill. With so many different Kill la Kill character wall scrolls to choose from, you can easily all of your favorites to your collection of wall scrolls.

In case you are not familiar with the series, Kill la Kill is an anime series that started in Japan in 2013. It eventually made its way to the U.S. earlier in 2015. The series follows a schoolgirl named Ryuko Matoi on her search for her father’s killer. Throughout the series, she experiences conflict with the student council leader Satsuki Kiryuin. Kill la Kill was well received by different critics, as well as its audience. It quickly became very popular. Our exclusive collection of Kill la Kill wall scrolls includes many of your favorite Kill la Kill characters. Each one is different and captures the story in its own unique way.

If you are a Kill la Kill fan, come explore Custom Wall Scrolls’ collection of anime wall scrolls today. If you are not familiar with Kill la Kill, we also have a large collection of other fun and exciting wall scrolls. From video games to comic books, we have wall scrolls for everyone. You can even create your own personalized wall scroll. Shop online today to find out more about what we have to offer.

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