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Hanging Up Your Custom Wall Scroll

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One of the best parts of having personal space is that we are able to add personal touches, truly making our own. At Custom Wall Scrolls, we make it easy to find art that you like. Between our anime posters and the fluffy and adorable puppies, it’s pretty rare that we ever hear of bare walls.

Our end goal will always be to provide a space that is comfortable, and all of your own, but the last thing that we want in this process is make hanging your custom wall scroll destructive or ineffective. While of course there are methods that will ensure your custom wall scroll stays in place, such as nails, these methods can often leave a longer presence than we’d like.

Here are a few methods that make it easy to hang your custom wall scroll without worry about whether or not there will be any signs of damage afterwards.

No Nail Hooks

Nail holes are usually what we’re trying to avoid with hanging our wall scrolls. Nails will leave holes that are big enough to be seen from across the room and are usually pretty tedious to patch up. Since scrolls require hooks to hang from, one of the methods that we suggest are the hooks made by 3M. These hooks offer a side with a sticky adhesive that you can put directly on your wall while still getting a hook. When it’s time to take the hook off, simply follow the directions of pulling gently off, and you have the same fresh wall that was there before the custom wall scroll.

Tiny Tacs

Depending on the size of your custom wall scroll, you can at times use the same tacs that you’d use for a bulletin board, to hang your scroll up. So long as the weight isn’t overwhelmingly heavy, these tacs will easily hold up your scroll and will leave a much smaller hole in your wall that will only take a few minutes to patch up.

Whichever method you choose to use, count on Custom Wall Scrolls to provide the highest quality of wall scrolls to you. Browse our always growing selection today, or create your very own wall scroll.

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