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How To Create The Perfect Wall Scroll


Creating the perfect Wall Scroll is not as difficult as some of you may think.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

1. Image Size – To ensure your wall scroll gets printed with the highest quality image you have to provide us with a hi-res image. Keep in mind any image size over 4MP will almost guarantee you a great resolution scroll.

2. What to Print – You can print almost anything as long as you know where you are hanging your scroll. For example, printing out a scroll with Black Borders will be camouflaged on a black colored wall. Sometimes the image may be great but might not look great once hung on your wall. So keep in mind where the scroll is going to be hung.


3. Small or Large? – Two points to keep in mind here. A) Where are you hanging it. B) Image Size.

A. Make sure your space is not too small for a wall scroll. You want to have the image pop but not overwhelm your space.

B. Image Size is extremely important in quality of the scroll. The larger the scroll the higher res the image needs to be.

4. What if you can’t get a high res image? – If you really like the image and would like a hi-res quality we recommend going to and hiring an artist. We have seen quite a few customers go this route. Ask a few artists for their fees and what type of field they expertise in.

5. BE CREATIVE – It’s easy using an image that a 1000 people have already used before. Let your imagination run wild. Get a few images, maybe mix them together to create the perfect collage. Perhaps have the artist change things around for you so you have a 1 of KIND Wall Scroll.

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