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Skullgirls Is Featured in Anime Wall Scrolls This Month!


The fighting game Skullgirls came out a few years ago and almost immediately achieved a huge fan following. The game was released by Autumn Games and Konami, and it is coming to the PS4 this year. One of the things people love about this game is the artwork. Illustrator Alex Ahad has created a really amazing cast of characters that fans are excited to have on their walls. That's why Skullgirls is a featured line in our anime wall scrolls this month! Now you can celebrate your love of Skullgirls with a beautiful piece of artwork.

We have dozens of designs to choose from, including prints of Cerebella, Filia, Parasoul, Marie, and more. You'll be able to find options for all of your favorite characters. Each one is printed in full, vibrant color on a cloth tapestry. This isn't a lame poster to hang on your wall--this is a true work of art for the Skullgirl fan to proudly display in their home. Our custom wall scrolls are easy to hang, too, so you won't have to wait to get it displayed. The fabric we use is incredibly durable, so you won't have to worry about your new piece of art getting destroyed.

Choose the character artwork that you love, and choose the size of the scroll you want to hang in your home. These are super affordable pieces, too, so you can get multiple scrolls to deck out your game room. At less than $20, they make an affordable gift for your favorite gamer, too. This is the kind of present they'll enjoy for years to come. Place your order for our Skullgirl anime wall scrolls today!

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