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Common Characteristics Of Anime Art

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If you are a fan of an anime series, then you probably have a few characters that you simply can’t get enough of. From the movies to the comics, it’s easy to follow these stories and invest ourselves in this particular form of art. There are quite a few attributes that separate anime from other forms of art, and those are the characteristics that we hope you can relish when you purchase a custom anime wall scroll from our store. As you hang up your new custom wall scroll, here are just a few of the unique touches of the anime art type that you can enjoy.

Facial Expressions

The best part of these cartoons is the realistic take that they have. That being said, one of the primary features in anime is the expressions that the characters have. From anger to lust these expressions are so exquisitely drawn that the artwork creates the character, as well as the emotions they’re feeling, in a way that is unbelievably realistic.

Coloring & Shading

Depending on the genre, different colors will be incorporated into the artwork. A gorgeous part of anime art are the thick, bold lines that make up the image. Along with the lines that help the imagery really pop, the shading that is incorporated helps create a realistic scene. When it comes to colors, the brighter the better. While there are plenty of bright colors, you will also note extremely dark shades of blues, greys and blacks. The reason for this is because colors act as a way to express the emotions that are being portrayed.

These two factors are only a small portion of what makes this form of art so amazing. Browse our selection of anime collections and enjoy these beautiful touches when you hang one of our custom wall scrolls in your bedroom.

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