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The History of Anime


Over the years, anime has gained popularity and has become a well-respected form of art. Despite its Japanese roots, 001r-04024.1427191045.1280.1280.jpganime has developed a very strong presence in American pop-culture, as well. With dynamic characters, complex story lines, and captivating animation, anime offers something that most other American animation series do not. Much like the many different beloved stories, anime has a long unique history.

A Dynamic History

According to Open Culture, the history of anime dates back to the early 20th century. With the oldest surviving example of Japanese animation dating back to 1917, anime was originally part of Japan’s movement towards modernization. During the 1930’s, Japanese animation started to reflect the growing influence of Japanese militarism and some animations even reflected anti-American propaganda. After World War II, the production of Japanese animation was hindered due to the struggling economy. By 1955, the first full-color Japanese animation finally appeared and after this achievement, it became clear to Japanese animation artists, that they would benefit from adopting the Western studio system. Over the years, Japanese animation continued to evolve and develop into what it is today. With the help several influential artists, anime has earned a firm presence in American culture.

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