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Tips for Designing Your Man Cave


Okay guys, let’s face many of your wives or significant others appreciate the bachelor pad look for your home or 

apartment? We are going to guess that not many of them do. So, where does that leave your video game consoles and your collection of video game inspired wall scrolls? At Custom Wall Scrolls, we believe the best possible place for your customized posters and wall scrolls is in your very own man cave. However, with so many different possibilities, where do you even start when it comes to designing your own man cave. Well, we have a few tips for creating your perfect space.


When you are trying to design your man cave, it is important to have inspiration for the overall feel or theme of your area. When you are looking for inspiration, it helps to choose an object, such as a pool table or your video game setup, that you like to be part of the room. You can even choose one of your anime wall scrolls to be the inspiration and focal point of your area. Whatever it may be, this object will be the inspiration and the theme behind your overall design so, choose wisely!

Make a List

Before you get started on any DIY or remodeling project, lists are a very valuable tool for helping you get through your project. Not only is it important to make a list of all of the tools and supplies you need for your project, but it is also important to make a list of what needs to be done and in what order. This will help ensure that you are prepared for your project and it will help keep you organized throughout the process.

Design It Out First

Before you jump into your project, it is imperative that you design out your space on paper first. You will need all of the proper measurements to be able to create an accurate sketch of how you want your man cave to be organized. 

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